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The Reenactment

The Reenactment is an illustrated story for adults and young adults from 11+.
It is an A4, 60 pages-long book. Each double page spread is illustrated with colour illustrations in gouache, digitally printed. The book is, of course, all written and illustrated by me.

I received some funding from Creative Scotland and Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles Culture to write it.

The story takes place in the territory of a medieval Reenactment: a place where a highly industrialised country keeps its past alive.
The Reenactment is also a televised show and young participants take part in order to gain exposure and land media jobs.
This story follows Beauregard, a reluctant participant who comes from a family of glorious knights and successful property developers.
Beauregard wants to escape the spotlight and pretends to be looking for the Holy Grail in order to disappear in the remotest corner of the Reenactment.
That fake quest will force Beauregard to get involved in the strange events of the deep Reenactment.I won't say more.. no spoilers!
The story takes a few twists and turns, like an old forest path.

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